To work out to get a toned body indeed seems challenging and boring, it is not actually a herculean task if you have a set of trust-worthy guidance and tips. The hardcore fat burning and strength building workout can leave you looking and feeling great. To get a firm body with toned muscles, you will need to do a fix set of workouts repeatedly. When it comes to a fitness goal, different women and men have emphasis on different areas of upper body or lower body. When women generally have major desire to tone their arms and triceps, men want their abdomen toned and fit.

Different portions of body need different toning workouts like

Let’s make “toning” clear: The firming-up or toning is because of an increase in muscle tissue as well as a decrease in body fat to see the shape of the muscles and get rid of the “wiggle”.

Strength Training:

There is no short cut to a toned body. In order to get the look of a toned body or toned muscles, one has to get indulged in a strength training program and shed that extra fat which makes your body look unshaped. Traditional resistance training alone cannot give you the desired look if it is performed mechanically with unnecessary high repetitions of same workouts. A calorie control also becomes very crucial in order to shed that extra weight.

Exercises to Tone Shoulders/Chest:

Toning workouts for shoulders and chest are basically useful to both men and women. Though there are several different shoulder exercises one can try, shoulder press and bench press have always remained one of the most accepted workouts.

For shoulder press, start the exercise sessions holding weight level to your shoulders, raising then above your head. Slowly lower the weight and then repeat the workout again. You can kill two birds with one stone by shoulder press as it does not only tone your shoulders but also the triceps.

The bench press is useful to build up your shoulders and chest at one time. Start this lying on a bench and then slowly bring the barbell down to your chest. Now, raise it back and again follow the same style. Following this for quite a few days, you can surely get to see a remarkable difference in your chest and shoulders.

The most accepted and well known- push-ups is also one of a very effective workout for shoulders and chest.

Leg toning exercises:

Many women have dissatisfaction with their thighs or upper legs, restricting them from feeling confident wearing all types of shorts. But actually it is really easy to get your thighs and/or butt toned.

Simple workouts like walking, running and biking can give your upper legs that beauty which you might have been seeking for quite a while. Skating is also another effective and a simple workout which can surely give women a desired look.

Wall Squat: Wall Squat is simple to follow and easy to do and also very effective at working out thighs. Lean your head, shoulders, lower back and butt against a wall keeping feet about 17 to 18 inches in front. This exercise will work your quadriceps, butt and also your hamstrings. Now, keep the knees hip width apart and slide down with the support of the wall until you make a chair like position. Hold this position for a few seconds and then slide back up and repeat.

Simple stair climber is also a great exercise for anyone who desires toned upper legs.

There are many fat burning and muscle toning workouts which can help you tone your body. Come to us and our experts can suggest you a fitness/exercise plan which can give you the most coveted results.

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