The lumpy legs which shy you away from wearing the shorts your friend flaunts really well can no more be a trouble to you by following a few simple thigh toning exercises. Thigh toning involves a lot of activities of your day to day life. They are after all not that hard nut to crack.

For example, the basic cardiovascular exercise- walking is the most important step in the thigh toning workout. The lower abdominal crunches you do for reducing tummy fat are the one that also helps in the inner thigh toning.

Thigh fat deposits are seen more in case of women. Thigh toning workouts for women are pretty similar to that of men, with some minor changes in the thigh toning exercise for men, which we shall discuss with the thigh workouts discussed below.

Lunges: Like sit-ups in case of abdominal exercises, Lunges are the most common and effective traditional thigh toning exercise which tones your inner as well as outer thigh. Follow the simple steps. Stand straight with a dumbbell in each hand. Now bend your right knee and move your right leg to the right side up till it forms a 90 degree angle. Keep your left leg straight all the while and your hands straight towards the ground. Hold this position for a few seconds and then come back to the normal position. Now perform this exercise with the left leg, keeping the right leg straight. Start with 10-20 numbers and increase the numbers with time. While the thigh toning exercises for men suggests using heavier dumbbells, women must use the basic light weight ones only.

Squats: In the standing position, spread your feet hip width apart and then bend both your knees in a way that the knees do not cross your toes. Simultaneously, push your butts behind as if trying to sit in an imaginary chair. Hold this position for 2-4 seconds before resuming normal posture. Repeat this exercise 10-20 times and progress with numbers.

Leg Press: This is a very effective machine exercise for lower body, especially thigh toning. Sit on the Leg Press machine with your back resting on the back rest. Adjust your feet on the footrest and then release the safety bar. Press your knees inside till your thighs touch your torso. Push through your heels for extending your legs straight. Repeat the exercise in a set of 15-20. The weight attached to the machine must be adjusted to a lighter level for women while men can take the heavier weight push.

Leg Lifts: Lie on your right side on the floor, with your right head folded at the elbow and head resting in the hand. Now while exhaling, using your thigh muscles, push your right leg in the air, as high as you can. While inhaling, lower down the right leg to resume the initial position. Start with 20 counts and increase later. Do the same thing for the left leg.

The above mentioned are the most effective thigh toning exercises. These thigh workouts consume hardly 10 minutes of your day’s time. Dedicating 10 minutes each day for thigh exercises can give you the sexy legs you can flaunt.

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